The Case of the Missing Mousetrap

The first time the mousetrap “disappeared” from the yurt, I was quite perplexed, but chalked it up to my faulty memory. Maybe that was the trap I had to throw away because the mouse’s teeth were clamped around the trap trigger. Maybe I hadn’t put it where I thought I did. Maybe I had not actually set one? But if not, where was the sixth trap? I had three left in the package, one in the car, and one in the Mothership. I was sure I had left a trap in the yurt. 

When I couldn’t find it, I went in there every day and sniffed around, in case somehow a mouse had run off half-trapped and dragged it under something to die. I looked under everything I could see under. After a week I forgot about it. 

This morning when I went to check my traps, the first two were empty, and the mousetrap, again, has disappeared from the yurt! I double checked yesterday afternoon, peeking in the window before I left to make sure I knew where it was. Imagine my surprise this morning! It’s gone. 

I looked under everything again. I dragged out a huge cardboard box with styrofoam pellets dribbling out a corner. That was a bad sign. I knew the box had solid formed styrofoam padding, not pellets, for the industrial printer that had come in it. Save for a pile of pellets in one corner and a little fluff in a chewed cavity, and some mouse turds, nothing. I threw the cushions off the settee out into the woods, dragged it outside, and flipped it over. No hole in the bottom big enough for a mousetrap. 

What kind of critter can do that, disappear a mousetrap? Now I am beyond perplexed, I am completely flummoxed. One quarter of the yurt space is still full of boxes, bags, and trunks, empty and full. I’ve known for awhile this isn’t the best storage locker; I’ve had to clean out mouse residue before, and trapped a few. But never have I lost a mousetrap ~ two mousetraps. I am now befouled by mouse-tainted air and dust, the yurt looks like white trash from outside, and the inside must be scoured: emptied completely and scoured with bleach. 

I guess my guest will sleep in the house tonight, and I’ll send the settee to a yard sale. For now, a shower.


One thought on “The Case of the Missing Mousetrap

  1. We learned when our packrat stole his mouse trap that pack rats like shiny, shiny things, so maybe that’s what you have? Good luck with the clean up and beware: they’ve been finding cases of Hanta Virus in Delta County. Lindi is going to clean out a bus here – with a respirator and using a bleach solution in her garden sprayer before she does anything else. Much Love

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